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SM601BA15A1 M83383/04-04 Safran Power USA 3PH RCCB 15A


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The Remote Control Circuit Breakers (RCCB) concept, as load controllers in distributed load applications, provides for a more efficient power distribution system with less line loss at a lower  cost and with less weight than the conventional relay-flight deck circuit protector method.

  • Qualified – Qualified to demanding performance parameters of MIL- PRF-83383 standard.
  • Use as a Relay, Circuit Breaker, Or Both – RCCBs combine the best attributes of a circuit breaker and a relay. Automatically protects the wires and the load device during circuit/load breakdown, but allows the flight deck control of the load during normal operation.
  • Weight and Cost Savings – In distributed-load applications, RCCBs are a more efficient power distribution solution promoting cost and weight savings through the elimination of long runs of heavy cables associated with the conventional relay-flight deck circuit protector method. Control of the RCCB requires only one #22 AWG control wire from the ICU on the flight deck to the RCCB.
  • Cockpit Space Savings – An RCCB system removes the presence of large circuit breakers from the cockpit while permitting remote On/Off operation from the flight deck. Combine Safran Power USA RCCB
    with Indicator Control Unit (ICU) model #1500-052-05.







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