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Markets We Serve

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Major Aerospace Programs

  • Commercial Airplanes, Rotary Aircraft (Helicopters), Flight Simulators, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), General/Corporate Aviation, Regional Jet

Marine Air is the leading distributor for electromechanical parts for both Commercial and Military Aerospace. We support Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in their mission of manufacturing innovations for the Aerospace industry. Being a reliable partner starts with understanding the needs of your customers and knowing the trends of the industry. Marine Air has a long history working with the aerospace community on a targeted approach to supporting each of our customers and the programs they are engaged in. Marine Air has focused on staying ahead of the global supply chain challenges that are impacting the Aerospace industry and preserved a well-sourced and well-stocked available inventory. We provide a reliable, flexible, and solutions focused approach to meeting the demands of our many partners. Reach out today to see how we can support your Aerospace needs!


Major Defense Programs

  • Ground Vehicles, Military Transport, Weapons Systems, ISR

Marine Air works in partnership with manufacturers that support nearly all aspects of the US Military operations on land, in sea, and in the air. As a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) we work to ensure the safety and security of the men and women around the world supporting U.S. Defense programs. Marine Air is committed to quality assured products that meet the most rigorous applications around the world. Reliable and on-time delivery are essential aspects of a good distribution channel, and Marine Air delivers consistently excellent performance.

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Major Transportation Programs

  • Mass Transit Cars/Buses, Rail Systems, and more

Supporting critical infrastructure has been a pillar of importance for Marine Air Supply since it’s inception in 1965. For almost 60 years we have supplied innovated products and value-added services to support distribution vehicles/equipment essential to our global supply chain. We work diligently with our partners, adapting to their needs as they evolve, ensuring that we are always ready to meet their demand. We are consistently working on spec’ing in new products to support this industry, which has been crucial to our continued growth.


Major Maritime Programs

  • Naval Subs, Naval Combat Ships, Personal Watercraft Vehicles, Customs and Border Protection Vessels

Marine Air has been supporting critical maritime programs for many years. We have helped our partners bring superior products to market through cost-effective material sourcing, reliable stocking plans, and on-time delivery that is crucial to staying competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace. Our Safran Electrical & Defense line has been integrally involved in the design, construction, and lifecycle support of submarines for the U.S. Navy. Supporting programs like these requires reliable partners and a commitment to excellence that Marine Air has become known for.

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marketsweserve energy


Major Energy Programs

  • Nuclear Power Plants & Simulators, Coal Power Plants & Simulators , Natural Gas, Solar, and Wind.

Marine Air has supported many energy programs over the years to be smarter, cleaner, and more reliable to their customers. To deliver on these promises, our customers look to Marine Air to supply trusted electro-mechanical solutions that stand up to the most rigorous conditions. These applications include electric grid support, energy storage applications, and power generation.