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Limit Switch Manufacturers

Marine Air offers a wide variety of stockable limit switch options that span across multiple vendors. These limit switches are of the highest quality and many are customizable to meet you specific applications.
Safran Logo


Safran Electrical & Power provides high quality Environmentally and Hermetically sealed limit switches. Offered in both two and four pole configurations, these limit switches are approved to meet the Mil-PRF-8805. Safran offers customizable options to fit your exact application.

Environmentally Sealed Switches (H11 – Series)
Hermetically Sealed Switches (HH-Series)

OTTO logo


Otto manufactures the highest quality line of Sealed MIL-PRF-8805 Limit Switches available to the market. Marine Air is proud to be recognized year-after-year as a top distributor partner for OTTO. We stock a large inventory of OTTO Limit Switches both standard and subminiature versions. Call us today for ready inventory of the MS27240, MS21321, MS24331 and M8805/100 series products. These products have the following features: Complies with MIL-PRF-8805 sealing, one-piece housing, sealed at plunger with O-rings, sealed at base with a glass seal, EMI reduction construction, choice of pin or roller plunger, choice of axial or radial leads.

P6 – Sealed Limit Switches (MIL-PRF-8805)
P6-3 – Subminiature Sealed Single Pole Limit Switches
P6-3 – Subminiature Sealed Double Pole Limit Switches
P6-4 Sealed Commercial Grade Limit Switch
P6 Limit Switch – Noteworthy Designs

Crouzet Logo Large


With its choice of casings, wide range of actuators, variety of connections and high degree of resistance to impact and splashes, Crouzet offers limit switches available in the following ranges: Metal body, Plastic body, Special products and Products for severe environments. Their main characteristics are: IP6x seal, a wide range of actuators (plungers and rollers), rotary heads with momentary action, positive break contacts, compact size, etc. They also offer the option of having special levers, prewiring, connection via ISO cable glands, etc.

Industrial Limit Switches
    83852 / 83853 Miniature Industrial Limit Switches, Positive Opening
    83862 Industrial Limit Switches, Positive Opening
    83870 Miniature Pre-Cabled Limit Switches, Positive Opening
    83880 Pre-Cabled Limit Switches, Positive Opening
    83800 Miniature Limit Switches
    83731 / 83732 / 83733 Automotive Limit Switches
    83589 Automotive Limit Switches
8. 83581 Sealed Limit Switches, Telescopic-Actuator
9. 83523 / 83528 Door Interlock Switches
    83856 / 83857 Manual Reset Positive Opening Miniature Limit Switches
    83841 Waterproof Limit Switch
    83863 / 83864 Cable Pull Limit Switches
Safety (Security) Limit Switches
    838930 / 838931 Miniature Plastic Key Lock Limit Switches
    838932 Solenoid Operated Plastic Key Lock Limit Switches
    838940 Industrial Metal Key Lock Limit Switches
    838941 Solenoid Operated Metal Key Lock Limit Switches
    83893 Hinged Limit Switches
    838942 Cable Pull Limit Switches
    838950 / 838951 Foot Switches
    79697 E-Stop Switches
    85100 Two-Hand Control Switch