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Switch Guards Manufacturers

Marine Air is the largest stocking distributor of switch guards and shields from both OTTO Engineering and SAFRAN. Marine Air’s stocking investment provides ready inventory in large quantities of the MS25223, MS25224, MS25225, MS25452, MS25221, MS25214, MS24417, MS27752 series and more. Most well known term in the industry is the “red switch guard”, other colors are also available, typically as a special order.
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SAFRAN’s Switch Guards and Shields are available from stock at Marine Air. We carry all the configurations including 2 or 3 position switch guards Mil-spec and commercial styles available. Although SAFRAN’S selection of Guards is extensive, their most popular design are the 8497K1 and 8497K3 which have corresponding Mil numbers MS25224-1 and MS25224-3. Metal base and molded covers of Thermoset material guarantee a quality design.

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The TG series toggle guards are offered for 2 and 3-position switches with 15/32-32 threaded bushings and slotted or flat keyways. All models feature spring loaded covers that lock in either the open or closed positions. In the open position the switch actuator operates on all positions freely, in the closed position, the switch actuator is locked in the desired position. The toggle guard is easily installed on the switch from the front panel with two mounting hex nuts and may be used with an optional panel seal provided with each switch.