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Illuminated Switches & Indicators Manufacturers

Marine Air is a stocking and value added distributor for numerous manufacturers of lighted switch and indicator products. We have an in-house assembly and engraving center which can fulfill your company’s needs for quick turn projects.
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Marine Air has been stocking and assembling Lighted Switches, Indicators and Display Systems from SAFRAN Electronics & Defense (formerly Eaton / Master Specialties). These components fall into a specialized line of value added products which we assemble and custom engrave to your exact requirement, spec or drawing.

Safran Electronics & Defense – Master Specialties
90 Series
584 Series

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The LPL Indicator Light series offers an excellent means of indicating the activity of a circuit by providing a visual on/off indication of process conditions. The LPL series is ideally suited as part of a panel mounted indicator for control panels, instrumentation and front panel fault indicators. The LPL series is manufactured to the highest standards and built to withstand harsh environments, offering anodized aluminum alloy cases with seal options of moistureproof and dusttight to IP64 or watertight to IP68S. The LPL series offers long life LED lighting in a variety of colors and can accommodate 2 to 24VDC power.

K3P series – Indicator Lights
K3P series – Indicator Lights w/ legends
LPL series – Indicator Lights

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– Electroswitch manufactures a full line of panel and mil-spec indicator lights. They offer these featured indicators: General Purpose, Watertight, Press-to-Test, EMI Suppressed and Panel Push-In styles. Many of these units are offered in Miniature and Subminiature versions.