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Control Grips Manufacturers

Marine Air is pleased to be your source for many in-stock Cockpit controls and solutions, we have partnered with SAFRAN, Crouzet and OTTO Controls in order to bring you the widest variety of product available through distribution.
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SAFRAN Electronics & Defense provide all the cockpit controls tailored to the specific needs of each aircraft manufacturer: speed brake lever, flap control lever, park brake, alternate pitch trim module, landing gear control lever, etc. Combining very high reliability, performance, and an excellent resistance to vibration, these cockpit components and panels are fitted with incandescent or LED technology with multiple lighting options, including NVIS and sunlight readability.

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OTTO has a full line of Military Ground Support & Flight Control Grips. Some options include, Custom machined heads available to fit standard handles. Custom backlighting options are also available. B8 & Cobra style grips are made in accordance with MIL-DTL-25561. Choice of termination styles—from integral connectors to wire harnesses. Can be populated with MIL qualified switches, standard, or custom configurations.

Aerospace and Military Control Grips
    G2 – Commander Grip
    G2 – Flight Control Grips
    G2 – Helicopter Cyclic & Collective Grip
    G2 – Military Flight Control Grips
    G2 – Military Ground Support Grips
    G2 – Throttle Control Grips
Commercial Grips
    G3-A Universal Grip
    G3-B Universal Grip
    G3-C Universal Grip
    G3-CK Universal Grip
    G3-D Control Grip
    G3-E Control Grip
    G3 Contour Grip
    G3 Dual Grip Remote with USB Output
    STG3 Soft Touch Grips for Heavy Equipment
    Operator Control M

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For over 50 years, Crouzet has been providing technically-advanced custom grips for major programs worldwide with best in class quality and logistical excellence. The performance speaks for itself and has resulted in both a solid commercial relationship and a mutual understanding with our global customer base.