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Communications & Headsets Manufacturers

Marine Air is a supplier for OTTO Communications. Such products include: Headsets, Earplugs, Speaker Microphones, Throat Microphones, Wireless Intercom Systems and push to talk options.
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Otto Communications designs and manufacturers communication accessories, specializing in mission-critical equipment for the Two-Way radio market.

Over The Ear Headsets
    20 Meter Diver Headset
    Classic Headset
    ClearTrak Headset
    ClearTrak NRX Behind the Head Headset
    ClearTrak NRX Over the Head Headset
    Profile Headset
    Tactical II
    Tactical III
In the Ear Headsets
NoizeBarrier Headsets and Earplugs
    NoizeBarrier Range SA
    NoizeBarrier TAC
On the Ear Headsets