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Circuit Breaker Manufacturers

Marine Air is a stocking supplier of Mil-Spec and commercial grade Circuit Breakers. We supply this circuit protection to the following industries: Aerospace, Military, Maritime, Industrial and Power Generation segments. We provide ready inventory for mil-spec series MS3320, MS25244, MS26574 and more ranging from ½ amp to 35 Amps. We also supply commercial grade protection for automotive, heavy truck and light rail applications.
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SAFRAN Electrical & Power manufactures a complete line of performance rated power and load rated circuit breakers. These units fit a wide range of load levels for various aerospace and general applications. Single Phase and Three Phase circuit protection is available from our stock, here at Marine Air. SAFRAN’s Series 170 Circuit Breakers are for very high current circuits, with ratings from 125 amps to 200 amps. At Marine Air, we are your stocking source for the 170-001-125, 170-001-150 and the 170-001-200 series Breakers.

Single Phase, Thermal Circuit Breakers
      160 – 50 to 100A
      170 – 125 to 200A
      700 – 5 to 50A
      1500 – ½ to 10A
      4001 – 1 to 25A
      4200 – 1 to 25A
      4310 – 1 to 25A
Three Phase, Thermal Circuit Breakers
      940 – 50 to 100A
      1526 – 1 to 15A
      1536 – 5 to 50A
      4330 – 1 to 20A
 Remote Controlled Circuit Breakers
    Single Phase – SM600 (M83383/01 & M83383/02)
    Three Phase – SM601 (M83383/04)

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Crouzet offers a wide range of military and commercial circuit breakers with a range of load levels. Their line of breakers includes Regular and High-Power offerings, on single and three-pole designs. The RCCB merges a circuit breaker and a contactor function in one single case. Allowing you to open and close the contactor at a distance just by applying a 28 V command input. The RCCBs can commute at least 100,000 times! 50,000 flying cycles on a cargo doors application considering take-off and landing.

Single Pole
      MS3320, MS5692, MS26574
    High Power
Three Pole
      MS5692, MS14154
    High Power
Smart Circuit Breakers
    ARC Fault – Single Pole
    ARC Fault – Three Pole
    ARC + Ground Fault – Three Pole
Remote Controlled Circuit Breakers
    Without current (Transformer) and with current (Transformer).

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Mechanical Products

Mechanical Products Circuit Breakers come in several different styles and cover a broad range of amperages, typically .01 to 40 amps in many of their styles. MP offers Switchable Circuit Breakers, Push -to-Reset Circuit Breakers and Waterproof Circuit Breakers. Popular series numbers include 752 – 762- 772 series push pull breakers along with 24 series rocker switch style breakers. If you need waterproof circuit protection, look to MP series 17-18-19 and series 53 breakers. These circuit breakers are for harsh environments and cover high amperage applications up to 300 amps.