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4200-003-105 MS26574-1 1/2L SAFRAN POWER USA 1 1/2 AMP BREAKER


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MS26574-1 1/2L

Categories: Circuit Breakers
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  • Single-Pole High Performance
  • Qualified to MS26574-L of MIL-5809
  • Lightweight – 22 grams (0.48 lbs).
  • High Interrupting Capacity
  • High Vibration and Shock Resistance
  • Sub-miniature size
  • Performance Rated Circuit Breaker – The 4200 is a sub-miniature, lightweight, trip free, single phase circuit breaker, which combines its compact size with a proven technological track record. A modification of the popular 4310 series, its reliability has been long established. Options such as a long button, high vibration resistance, and hardware variations will enhance its versatility. The 4200 reacts consistently in extreme fluctuations of temperature, high shock, vibration, or humidity.
  • Auxiliary Switch and Terminals – The 4200 series is also available in an auxiliary switch version (4200-004) to provide a remote indication of a trip condition. In a trip condition, the contacts in the auxiliary switch are in a closed position.





Safran Power USA, LLC.

Mil Spec

MS26574-1 1/2L

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