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Crouzets Solid State Relays are Back – Crouzet Redacted

Crouzet Solid State Relays

After a few years off the market, Crouzet, a leading world manufacturer of mechatronic components, is launching an extensive new range of solid state relays. They’re back … and stronger!

An extensive new light-design range

Maybe you remember Crouzet’s GN and GNA solid state relay ranges? Then you’ll definitely be delighted to see them again with all the characteristics you appreciate, and some new characteristics too.

The new relays have the same power outputs, with a lighter design, ideal for harsh environments,  and a modular cover to use the IP00 and IP20 versions in the same reference. The range of items covers 125 A and 200 VDC or 660 VAC.

Overvoltage protection (input and output) comes as standard in the Classic and Performance versions.

In connection with mounting, the relays can be mounted on panels or on DIN rails.

The switching options include synchronous, asynchronous and special synchronous: the new range caters for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads with a single product. It also includes diagnosis and load detection versions.

A broader offer for a wide range of applications  

Crouzet’s solid state relays have been designed for most applications and have an extremely long lifespan. Easy to fit and easy to use, they are also sturdy and polyvalent.

Ready for fitting thanks to a built-in self-adhesive thermal joint, the new GN+ Performance relays offer better immunity (rapid transients and shockwaves).

Crouzet Solid State Relays Family

The other new addition, the GN Smart series, is particularly recommended for usage with frequent load changes (e.g.: heat-hardenable moulding), and can detect failures and damaged or disconnected relays.

Heating, movement and lighting components and other industrial applications will necessarily put the new additions to the Crouzet range to good use.

Finally, all items are EC-certified with cЯUus. VDE also available.