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10 Series

The Series 10E Twist-Lite is a 4-lamp indicator unit with modular design that permits it to be used as a lighted push-button switch or as a word indicator light for design compatibility. Inclusion of a magnetic holding coil for numerous electrical interlock, lock-in and lock-out circuits gives the switch light complete capability.

The 4-lamp design combined with a choice of divided screens – offers many display possibilities. Depression of the front lens actuates the switch module which is available in momentary or alternate action in snap-on assemblies. Legends may be reverse engraved on the front lens at the factory for uniform readability and long wear. The special slip-on mounting sleeve provides a positive hard mount particularly useful in equipment designed for extremes of shock and vibration. Flush mounting is easily achieved in horizontal or vertical rows, as well as matrix configurations.

The Series 10H Twist-Lite is basically the same as the Series I0E, except it has been qualified to meet the requirements of Ml L-S-22885.

582 Two Pole Lighted Push-button Switches 582

The Series 582 is designed for use in the crew stations of commercial and military aircraft, shipboard systems, off road vehicles and commercial applications requiring a high reliability switch with superior lighting.



584 Four Pole Lighted Push-button Switches 

584The Series 584 lighted push-button switch is designed to meet the demands of avionic, maritime and vetronic applications in the crew stations of aircraft, ships, off-road vehicles and control systems. The Series 584 is qualified to MIL-S-22885/110.


Series 800 & 820

800_820The MSC Series 800 & 820 are rack mounted, plug-in type 4-lamp lighted pushbutton switch or indicator light assemblies with display face for up to four lines of legend. Both series offer a completely modular approach to developing modern, human-engineered, lighted-switch/indicator panel layouts for commercial, industrial, military and aerospace applications. The Series 800 offers a ¾ inch square display face and The Series 820 offers a ¾ inch high by one inch wide display face. All other features of both the switch-lite and indicator-lite units in each series are identical.

Series 90E 

90E_H_SeriesThe Serves 90 Tellite units are miniature, two-lamp lighted Push-button switches and/or word indicator lights With the capacity for up to three lines of legend in a compact area. They feature flush-to-the-panel mounting and rectangular lens configuration with word Indication by means of two separate standard lamps. The lamps and/or lens assembly may be Installed or removed from the panel front without the use of any tools.

Units are available from 2PDT in some versions to 4PDT, in either momentary or alternate switch action. Holding coil units are also available for electrical interlock.

Series 90K 

90KThe series 90K Telite units are available in two versions as an indicator-lite only or as a switch-lite. Units are available with a choice of wiring terminals. All units may be specified with solder lugs or plug-in connector pins. In addition, indicator-lite only units may be specified with screw-type terminals. Each unit incorporates mounting tabs that provide a positive hardmount after inserting the unit through the panel cutout from the panel-front. Captive mounting screws inside the unit cam these mounting tabs and tighten them up against the back of the panel. No external hardware required.

900 Series Fiber Optic Displays

900displays Eaton Cockpit Controls Readouts utilize a special fiber-optic bundle construction. These “light pipes” provide optimum brightness levels at lower power levels. And the slightly rounded dot and bar patterns produce easily recognizable, alphanumeric characters which minimize viewer fatigue.

Light sources for the fiber-optic models are incandescent lamps or Light Emitting Diodes. The lamps, capable of up to 20,000 hours average life, create characters in some devices readable in direct sunlight. The LED model is primarily intended for indoor use. While the LED type is available only in red (special colors available on request), Eaton Cockpit Controls lamp-type readouts produce characters in a variety of colors. Character color depends upon the filter selected, and different colored filters are often used on the same panel to give certain readouts greater emphasis, or for recognition purposes.