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Mechanical Products Distributor

It brings us great pleasure to announce to our customers that Marine Air Supply is now an Authorized Stocking Distributor for the Mechanical Products Company.

IMG 4962Small describe the image Series 24 Thermal Circuit Breakers

MP is America’s leading manufacturer of thermal circuit protection devices. They manufacture the highest quality components available for sensing and preventing dangers associated with electrical overloads and overcurrents for a wide variety of products and equipment. Engineers specify MP thermal circuit breakers to safeguard both people and equipment in numerous markets including: power generation, power storage, medical equipment, defense equipment, appliances, marine equipment and transportation equipment.

For over 65 years, MP has distinguished itself through unmatched quality and unparalleled service by exhaustively testing products to the most rigorous limits. Our state of the art electrical testing laboratory ensures that our devices operate in a safe and reliable manner.

Marine Air Supply is proud to be associated with MP and looks forward to supplying all your circuit protection needs.