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APM Hexseal Stocking Distributor Marine Air Supply


Transparent RUBRGLAS® rugged, pliable silicone rubber boots available for toggle, pushbutton, rocker and lever-actuated circuit breakers. Protects breaker and mounting hole against exposure and harm from washdowns, salt water, lubricants, cleaning solvents, dust, dirt, grease and other environmental elements. Transparent design for easy breaker status recognition and operation for all lever, toggle & pushbutton type circuit breakers. Commercial, industrial and military-spec models.

In addition to protecting circuit breakers from environmental attack, these trigger-action boots can also make it easier to reset and turn on the breaker. To achieve the necessary muscle (leverage) to get the job done right, APM designed their patented “Trigger” arm, strategically located inside the silicone rubber seal’s dome. The user can easily and positively reset and activate the breaker knowing that a positive reset positioning event has occurred. This feature is available on a number of standard sealing boots (see CT & HT Series).

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