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Marine Air Supply is your SAFRAN Electrical & Power stocking distributor for relays

labinalrelaycover Marine Air Supply sells the full line of SAFRAN Electrical & Power Relays (formerly Manufactured by Eaton Aerospace).The offerings include Power Relays, Hermetically Sealed Power Relays, Lightweight Relays and Contactors along with other supporting products.Military qualification include: M6106, M83383, MS24140, MS24141, MS24142, MS24143, MS24166, MS24168, MS24171, MS24172, MS24178, MS24179, MS24182, MS24183, MS24184, MS24185, MS24187, MS24192, MS24193, MS24376, MS25030, MS25031, MS25032, MS27242, MS27243, MS27997, AN3362, AN3372.

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