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Marine Air Supply is your SAFRAN distributor for switches

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Marine Air Supply stocks the full line of SAFRAN switches (formerly Manufactured by Eaton Aerospace).The offerings include military and commercial grade toggle, pushbutton, rocker, limit, and snap action switches along with switch guards and related accessories.  Military qualifications include: MS14001, MS14002, MS14003, MS16712, MS18150, MS18151, MS18152, MS21026, MS21027, MS21321, MS21346, MS21347, MS21351, MS21353, MS21354, MS21355, MS21356, MS21357, MS21433, MS21434, MS21436, MS21437, MS24331, MS24417, MS24523, MS24524, MS24525, MS24547, MS24612, MS24613, MS24614, MS24655, MS24656, MS24658, MS24659, MS24660, MS25085, MS25214, MS25221, MS25223, MS25224, MS25225, MS25306, MS25307, MS25308, MS25342, MS25343, MS25344, MS25345, MS25346, MS25347, MS25348, MS25349, MS25350, MS25356, MS25357, MS25452, MS27240, MS27406, MS27407, MS27408, MS27409, MS27722, MS27723, MS27724, MS27752, MS27781, MS27782, MS27783, MS27784, MS27785, MS27786, MS27787, MS27788, MS27789, MS27903, MS90310, MS90311, NAF1173-1, NAF1173-2, NAF1174-1.

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