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Data Display Develops Rugged High Intensity LED Lamp to Replace Incandescent Bulbs on Rail Cars

DDP, a leader in engineered LED solutions, has developed a unique solid-state LED lamp to replace 895 style incandescent bulbs used as door status indicators. The DDP 895L-X-M3 Series is designed to provide 180-degree visibility for exterior bodyside rail indication. The benefits of solid-state LED technology are particularly beneficial in high vibration, harsh voltage rail applications where durability and reliability are essential, as these indicator lights provide critical monitoring of commuter rail door status. upwards of 90 lumens, the DDP 895L Series LED lamp provides a drop-in replacement of the 895 incandescent bulb by meeting industry standard sunlight visibility and viewing angle requirements. Available in red, amber, turquoise, blue, warm white, and lunar white, the DDP 895L will illuminate all industry-standard indicator lenses without mechanical or electrical modification.

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